Founded in 1970, the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)
is an independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization
dedicated to strengthening Japan's role in international networks
of dialogue and cooperation.

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JCIE in the Media

"Secrets of 'Three Brothers' of South Korea, China, Japan" by JCIE Senior Fellow Yoshibumi Wakamiya, Dong-A Ilbo (November 12, 2015)

"In Japan, Foreigners Increasingly Fill Workforce Gaps" by JCIE's Toshihiro Menju featured in Wall Street Journal (August 30, 2015)

JCIE Senior Fellow Yoshibumi Wakamiya receives 36th Ishibashi Tanzan Award for his book “Sengo 70-nen—hoshu no Ajia kan" (August 25, 2015)

"How Japan Pushes Coal on the World" Article by JCIE Journalism Fellow Darius Dixon in Politico (August 12, 2015)

"Why Is PM Abe Avoiding Immigration Policy?—Local Governments Facing Declining Populations Raise Their Voices" JCIE Symposium featured in Gendai Business article by Tomoyuki Isoyama; Japanese only (June 3, 2015)

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JCIE Publications & Reports
Six Challenges for US-Japan Cooperation in Asia (February 2016)

JCIE Senior Fellow Hitoshi Tanaka lists six issues that carry the potential to undermine US-Japan cooperation in 2016.

Looking for Leadership: The Dilemma of Political Leadership in Japan

This volume explores the obstacles facing Japan as it looks for greater leadership and explains why this matters for the rest of the world.

Asia on the Move: Regional Migration and the Role of Civil Society

At a time when the world is grappling with a refugee crisis, JCIE’s new volume analyzes migration trends and policies in Asia and explores the role of civil society in protecting migrants in the region.

Navigating Change: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in East Asia and in Global Governance

Prepared for the Japan-ASEAN Ministerial Meetings this book proposes ways in which strategic partnership between ASEAN and Japan can both contribute to a more stable and prosperous East Asia and help support more effective global governance.

Strengthening US-Japan NGO Partnerships on Humanitarian Responses: Lessons from 3/11

The result of a two-year study to assess the track record of international partnerships on the 3/11 response, how each side perceived the other, and what can be done to improve international NGO partnerships.

3.11 Insider Newsletter

Monthly updates on Japan's disaster recovery, highlighting media articles, reports, and events from around the world.

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