Beyond 2015: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership for Democracy, Peace, and Prosperity in Southeast Asia

Japan Center for International Exchange
Rizal Sukma and Yoshihide Soeya
November 2013、A5判336頁

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2013年、日本と東南アジア諸国連合(ASEAN)は両者の最初の非公式な対話となった日・ASEAN合成ゴムフォーラムが発足した1973年 から40周年を迎える。過去十年間、この地域では、中国やインドの台頭、米国のアジア回帰、2005年の東アジア・サミットの開始、地域組織・機構の新たな展開など、変化が起こっている。ASEAN地域統合を目指す2015年を控え、日本とASEANは、日・ASEAN協力の戦略的な価値を見直し、 2015年以降を見据えた両地域の関係性について再定義する時期に来ている。




全文 [3.4MB]
Preface [215KB]
Abbreviations [215KB]
  1. Recommendations of the Study Group on ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in ASEAN Community by Rizal Sukma and Yoshihide Soeya [193KB]
Summary of Study Group Findings
  1. ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Economic Pillar by Siew Yean Tham and Fukunari Kimura [331KB]
  2. ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Political-Security Pillar by Rizal Sukma and Yoshihide Soeya [181KB]
  3. ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Socio-cultural Pillar by Carolina G. Hernandez and Motoko Shuto [237KB]
Background Papers
Study Group on ASEAN Economic Community
  1. Financial Cooperation in ASEAN by Pratiwi Kartika [505KB]
  2. Sustainable Development: Food Security and Social Safety Nets in the CLMV Countries by Vo Tri Thanh [324KB]
  3. Human Resources, Innovation, and Harmonization of Standards by Chayodom Sabhasri [493KB]
  4. ASEAN-Japan Cooperation on ASEAN's Development Gap and Connectivity: Working Together with Regional and Subregional Initiatives by Sanchita Basu Das [358KB]
  5. Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the ASEAN Economies by Yuri Sato [1.1MB]
Study Group on ASEAN Political-Security Community
  1. ASEAN-Japan Cooperation in ASEAN Community Building: The Nontraditional Security Dimension by Herman Joseph S. Kraft [228KB]
  2. ASEAN-Japan Defense Cooperation: Overcoming History and Charting New Possibilities by Tang Siew Mun [245KB]
  3. ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Maritime Security and Cooperation by Nguyen Hung Son [212KB]
  4. Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding, and Preventive Diplomacy by Simon S.C. Tay and Aaron Choo [200KB]
  5. ASEAN-Japan Cooperation on Democracy and Human Rights Promotion: Challenges and Opportunities by Takeshi Yuzawa [207KB]
Study Group on ASEAN Socio-cultural Community
  1. Protecting Vulnerable People, Building ASEAN Identity, and Narrowing the Development Gap by Amara Pongsapich [391KB]
  2. Migrant Workers in a People-Centered ASEAN Community and ASEAN-Japan Cooperation by Vannarith Chheang [251KB]
  3. Disaster Management and Humanitarian Action in Southeast Asia: Opportunities for an ASEAN-Japan Coordinated Approach by Moe Thuzar [235KB]
  4. ASEAN-Japan Cooperation for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Synergizing Regional Efforts for Human-Centered Development by Risako Ishii [962KB]
Project Members [156KB]
Profiles of Co-organizers [156KB]