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The US - Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange Program

1st-14th US Delegations to Japan (1973-1994)

Participants List

1973: First Delegation

Donald Barnett Mayor, Rapid City, SD
Peter Berle New York State Assemblyman
Joseph Canada Virginia State Senator
Michael Dively Michigan State Senator
Wyche Fowler Alderman, City of Atlanta, GA
Richard Gimer Delegate to the United Nations
Joseph Grandmaison Deputy Director, Democratic Charter Commission
Calvin Hultman Iowa State Senator
Clifford Kelley Alderman, City of Chicago, IL
Fred Koory Majority Whip, Arizona State Senate
Spencer Oliver Executive Director, ACYPL
Melville Owen Attorney
Joseph Raymond Maryland State Senator
Richard Stearns Special Assistant to Sen. George McGovern
Robert Understein President, ACYPL
Richard Walsh Mayor, Kansas City

1974: Second Delegation

Michael Antonovich California State Assemblyman
Gregory Austin Counsel, US Department of Commerce
Marion Barry President, City Council, Washington, DC
William Baxley Attorney General, AL
Sharon Camp Chair, Maryland Democratic Party
Elizabeth Hanford Dole Member, Federal Trade Commission
Joe Ford Arkansas State Senator
David Forward Chairman, Maryland Republican Party
George Gorton Treasurer, California Republican Party
Richard Guthman Alderman, City of Atlanta, GA
Charles Manatt Chairman, Western Conference Democratic Party
Spencer Oliver Executive Director, ACYPL
Allen Olson Attorney General, ND
Robert Plante Chairman, Washington, DC Republican Party
Robert Schmidt Vice President, ACYPL (President, Wireless Cable Association)
Melvin Steinberg Maryland State Senator
Charles Tyson Chairman, South Dakota Republican Party

1980: Third Delegation

Thomas Beasley Chairman, Tennessee Republican Party
Joseph Brennan Member, Town Council of West Orange, NJ
Larry Brown Special Advisor to Rep. Jack Kemp
Joseph Farmer Executive Director, ACYPL
Luis Granados Democratic Pollster
Augusta Hornblower President, Republican Women's Club of Massachusetts
Gwen Moore Member, California State Assembly
Carl Officer Mayor, East St. Louis, IL
Rosemarie Sansone Member, Boston City Council, MA
Richard Seifman Executive Director, UNA/USA
Linda Silver Staff Member, House Foreign Affairs Committee
Christopher Stewart Director, Greater Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Patricia Trendacosta Assistant Vice President and Government Relations Analyst, Franzel & Share
Kim Wells Administrative Assistant to Sen. Bob Dole

1981: Fourth Delegation

Catherine Ashley Executive Director, Ohio State House of Representatives
Don Cogman Vice President for Government Affairs, MAPCO
Bob Davis Texas State Representative
Jackson Faris President, Jack Faris and Associates
Lanny Hall Texas State Representative
Travis Horel Legislative Assistant to Sen. John Warner
Walt Klein Administrative Assistant to Sen. William Armstrong
John Martin Speaker, Maine State House of Representatives
Patrick Nolan California State Representative
Jo Ann North Member, Metropolitan Council of Nashville, Davidson County, TN
Martin Reilly Massachusetts State Senator
Gary Tumulty Sangamon County Clerk, IL

1982: Fifth Delegation

William Artist Colorado State Representative
Chuck Hardwick New Jersey State Representative
Adonis Hoffman Legislative Assistant for Foreign Affairs to Rep. Mervyn Dymally
Judy Love Professional Staff Member, North Carolina Washington Office
Charles Luken President Pro Tem, Cincinnati City Council, OH
Patsy Madrid District Court Judge, State of New Mexico
Marian Malashevich Economist, Joint Economic Committee, US Congress
John Maxwell Chief Counsel and Staff Director, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Agency Administration
Denise O'Leary Program Officer, ACYPL
John Plewa Wisconsin State Representative
Betty Tamposi New Hampshire State Representative
Robert Thibeault Government Relations Manager, Chicago Regional Authority

1986: Sixth Delegation

Thomas Boney Staff, Senate Agriculture Committee
Stephen Cohen Tennessee State Senator
Donald Esty President, Westbrook City Council, ME
Stephen Goldsmith Marion County Prosecutor, IN
Chris Harris Texas State Representative
Al Luna Texas State Representative
Jon Mills House Majority Leader, Florida State Legislature
Tim McDowell North Carolina State Senator
Curt Moffat Legal Counsel, ACYPL
Janet Mullins Administrative Assistant to US Sen. Mitch McConnell
Jay Pierson Minority Assistant Manager, US House of Representatives
Steven Saunders Trustee, ACYPL
Kathy Wilbur Board of Regents, University of Michigan

1987: Seventh Delegation

Kathleen Bertelsen Legislative Assistant to US Congressman Sam Gejdenson
Jan Fisher Ector County Judge, TX
Michael King Assistant Minority Leader, New Hampshire House of Representatives
Matthew Kisber Tennessee State Representative
Joseph Malone Executive Director, Massachusetts Civic Interests Council
Ceci Cole McInturff Special Assistant to President Reagan for Political and Intergovernmental Affairs
Thomas Sansonetti Chair, Wyoming Republican Party
Robert Schmidt Vice President, ACYPL
David Walker Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of Labor
Lewis Warshauer Legislative Director to Congressman Robert Torricelli
David Williams Kentucky State Senator

1988: Eighth Delegation

William Alexander North Carolina State Representative
Michael Coursey Director, Office of Investigations, International Trade
Administration, US Department of Commerce
Robert Eckels Texas State Representative
Evelyn Frazier Communications Director to Rep. Norman Sisiskey
Allen Gordon Arkansas State Senator
William Graves Secretary of State, State of Kansas
Niels Holch Administrative Assistant/Legislative Director to US Sen. Mitch McConnell
Edward Jagels District Attorney, Kern County, CA
Michael Lapolla Chairman, Board of Chosen Freeholders, NJ
Rebecca Tidman Staff Assistant to Rep. Dante Fascell

1989: Ninth Delegation

Patricia Blake Councilwoman, City of Mesa, AZ
Thomas Jackson Member, Virginia House of Delegates
William Lacy President, The Lacy Company
Stephen McDaniel Tennessee State Representative
Robert Moore President, Moore Information Services
Barbara Rohde Director, Washington Office, MN
Deborah Steelman Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget OMB
Stratton Taylor Oklahoma State Representative
Mark Wasserman Executive Chief for Administration, Office of the Governor of Maryland

1990: Tenth Delegation

Tom Adams Legislative Assistant to US Rep. Dante Fascell
Katalin Baranski Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Community, Planning and Development, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Paul Colbert Texas State Representative
Charles Dusseau Metro Dade County Commissioner, FL
Edward Houck Virginia State Senator
Jeff Huenink Pennsylvania State Representative
Nancy Jackobson PAC Director, Democratic National Committee
Daven Oswalt Executive Director to US Sen. William Armstrong
Susan Ridge Account Supervisor, Fleishman-Hillard
Michael Wagner South Dakota State Representative

1991: Eleventh Delegation

Terry Campo Member, Board of Trustees of the ACYPL
Daniel Cooney Director, Washington DC Office, State of Oklahoma
Paul DeGregorio Director of Elections, County of St. Louis, MO
Meghan Flaherty Deputy Director, Office of Political Affairs, The White House
Jim Gonzalez Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco
Marc Guthrie Assistant Majority Whip, Ohio State House of Representatives
Wayne King Minority Whip, New Hampshire State Senate
Sara Hope Smith Director, Federal Relations, Pacific Telesis Group
Greg Walden Majority Leader, Oregon State House of Representatives
Thomas Watkins Ohio State Representative
Sharon Yanagi Research Analyst, Democratic National Committee

1992: Twelfth Delegation

Andrea L. Carroll Communications Director to US Rep. Bill Alexander
Carol Chumney Tennessee State Representative
Mike Coffman Colorado State Representative
Holly Cork South Carolina State Senator
Angelo Genova Counsel, New Jersey Democratic Party
Roderick Hastie Confidential Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs, US Department of State
Donna Mullins Legislative Director to US Rep. Dean Gallo
Trevor Potter Commissioner, Federal Election Commission
Steven Roberts Candidate for Mayor, City of St. Louis
Steven Ronnel Legislative Assistant to US Sen. David Pryor
Judy Smith Arkansas State Representative

1993: Thirteenth Delegation

John Carona Texas State Representative
Jay Footlik Director of Ethnic Affairs, Democratic National Committee
Mary McCarty Chair, Palm Beach County Commission, FL
Pamela Neary Minnesota State Representative
Arnetta Osborne Democratic National Committeewoman
Christopher Rants Iowa State Representative
Douglas Sosnik Administrative Assistant to Sen. Chris Dodd
Gregory Thompson North Carolina State Representative
Mary Anne Thompson Member, US Small Business Advisory Council
Jeff Wentworth Texas State Senator
Donald E. Williams Connecticut State Senator

1994: Fourteenth Delegation

Ralph Campbell State Auditor, North Carolina
Roann Destino State Representative, New York
Skin Edge IV State Senator, Georgia
Haley Fisackerly Office of US Sen. Thad Cochran
Darrell Hanson State Representative, Iowa
Mimi Mager District of Columbia Director of Congressional Relations, Washington, D.C.
John Morgan State Representative, Maryland
Ronald Ottinger Board of Education, San Diego, California
Eric Reeves City Councilman, Raleigh, North Carolina
Linda Semans Trippi, McMahon and Squier, Inc.
Kathleen Shanahan Deputy Director for Economic Development, California