Japanese-German Forum


The Japanese-German Forum (formerly the Japanese-German Dialogue Forum) was created in 1993, at the joint initiative of Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, as a private, bilateral dialogue designed to promote mutual cooperation and understanding. The discussions focus on issues related to the bilateral relationship, foreign policy issues, and common challenges arising from socioeconomic and cultural developments in both countries. Following the Group's annual meetings, a joint statement is drafted for submission to the Japanese prime minister and the chancellor of Germany that documents common challenges facing both countries and outlines recommendations for German-Japanese cooperative action. JCIE serves as the Japanese secretariat for the program, while the Japanese-German Center Berlin acts as the German secretariat.

Recent Forums:

28th Forum

Tokyo, December 4–6, 2019

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    27th Forum

    Berlin, October 17–19, 2018

    26th Forum

    Tokyo, November 15–27, 2017

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    Berlin, October 19–20, 2016

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    Tokyo, October 27–29, 2015

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    Berlin, November 5–6, 2014

    22nd Forum

    Tokyo, October 29–30, 2013

    21st Forum

    Berlin, November 6–7, 2012

    20th Forum

    Tokyo, October 4–5, 2011

    19th Forum

    Berlin, November 11–13, 2010

    18th Forum

    Tokyo, November 5–6, 2009

    17th Forum

    Berlin, November 25–26, 2008

    16th Forum

    Tokyo, October 2–3, 2007

    15th Forum

    Berlin, October 12–14, 2006

    14th Forum

    Tokyo, October 14–16, 2005

    13th Forum

    Tokyo, October 8–10, 2004

    12th Forum

    Berlin, October 31, 2003

    11th Forum

    Berlin, March 5–7, 2003

    10th Forum

    Tokyo, February 2–4, 2002

    9th Forum

    Berlin, February 3–5, 2001

    8th Forum

    Tokyo, February 5–7, 2000