Japanese-German Forum

10th Meeting
February 2-4, 2002

The 10th Japanese-German Forum was held in Tokyo on February 2-4, 2002. More than 30 participants gathered to discuss five major issues of concern to the two countries: the political and economic consequences of the September 11 terrorist attacks for Japan and Germany; the role of Germany and Japan in the future development of Central Asia; recent developments in the global trading system and their consequences for Germany and Japan; the new frontier of economic development; and bilateral cooperation in intellectual and cultural exchange. Yasuo Fukuda, chief cabinet secretary, addressed the Forum at its opening dinner.


Sunday, February 3

Session I: Political and Economic Consequences of the Terrorist Attacks for Japan and Germany


• KITAOKA Shinichi, Professor, University of Tokyo

• TANAKA Naoki, President, The 21st Century Public Policy Institute

• Otto Graf LAMBSDORFF, Former Federal Minister of Economics; Chairman, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation

• Rainer BRUDERLE, Member of Parliament (FDP)

Session II: Future Development of Central Asia: Role of Germany and Japan


• TANAKA Akihiko, Professor, University of Tokyo

• Volker STANZEL, Director for Asian and Pacific Affairs, Federal Foreign Office

Monday, February 4

Session III: Recent Developments In Global Trading System: Consequences for Germany and Japan
  • China's Accession to the WTO
  • Ministerial Declaration
  • U.S. Fast Track


• WATANABE Osamu, Special Adviser, Japan Industrial Policy Research Institute

• Rudiger POHL, President, Institute for Economic Research, Halle

Session IV: New Frontier of Economic Development: German and Japanese Perspectives


• YAKUSHIJI Taizo, Professor, Keio University; Vice President and Executive Research Director, Institute for International Policy Studies (IIPS)

• Manfred LAHNSTEIN, Chairman, Lahnstein & Partner; Special Representative of the Board, Bertelsmann AG

• Ann-Kristin ACHLEITNER, Professor, Technical University, Munich

Session V: Bilateral Cooperation in Intellectual and Cultural Exchange


• FUJII Hiroaki, President, The Japan Foundation

• Irmela HIJIYA-KIRSCHNEREIT, Director, German Institute for Japanese Studies

• Manfred OSTEN, Secretary General, Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation