Japanese-German Forum

11th Meeting
March 5-7, 2003

The 11th Forum was held on March 5-7, 2003, in Berlin, where the participants discussed the obstacles to structural reform in Japan and Germany, new security challenges in East Asia, regionalism and bilateralism, and ways to cooperate with the United States in regards to the new challenges of global governance. The group also met with Chancellor Gerhard Schroder for an hour-long discussion.


Thursday, March 6

Session I: Structural Reform in Germany and Japan—Issues and Outlook
  • Domestic factors that call for economic and political reform (e.g., aging societies, demographic change, postwar development of society in Germany and Japan)
  • Reforms currently under discussion
  • The role of science and technology


• Naoki TANAKA, President, The 21st Century Public Policy Institute

• Wataru MORI, Japanese Chairman, German Japanese Cooperation Council for High-Tech and Environmental Technology, 1994-2002

• Ulrich CARTELLIERI, Member of Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG

• Heinz RIESENHUBER, Member of Parliament (CDU); Former Federal Minister for Research and Technology

Special Session: Meeting the New Security Challenge in East Asia—The Regional Security Arrangement, Alliance Relations with the United States, and the Role of Japan


•Hitoshi TANAKA, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Session II: Working with the United States in Facing the New Challenges of Global Governance
  • Current challenges for Japan and Germany with regard to sustaining an alliance relationship with the United States
  • War against terrorism
  • Stabilization of the Near and Middle East
  • Implications of a possible U.S.-led attack on Iraq


• Karsten VOIGT, Coordinator of German-American Cooperation, German Federal Foreign Office

• Shinichi KITAOKA, Professor, University of Tokyo

Friday, March 7

Session III: Regionalism and Bilateralism
  • European integration: NATO and EU enlargement
  • Prospects of East Asian integration (e.g., ASEAN+3, Free Trade Agreements)
  • Situation on the Korean Peninsula
  • German-Japanese economic interaction in a regionalized world


• Osamu WATANABE, Chairman and CEO, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO); Former Administrative Vice Minister in Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

• Horst TELTSCHIK, Chairman of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Session IV: Promoting Intellectual and Cultural Exchange Between Germany and Japan
  • General trends in intellectual and cultural exchange
  • Strategies for fostering new leaders in exchange
  • New opportunities and needs for further cooperation between the peoples of the two countries


• Tadashi YAMAMOTO, President, Japan Center for International Exchange

• Wilhelm HAAS, General Secretary, "Germany in Japan" Year - 2005/2006

Closing Session