Japanese-German Forum

19th Meeting

November 11–13, 2010

The 19th Japanese–German Forum was held on November 11–13, 2010, bringing 34 participants from both countries together in Berlin to discuss current trends within Japan and Germany and possible avenues for close bilateral cooperation. On Thursday, November 11, Governing mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit held a reception to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Japanese–German Center Berlin, the forum's German secretariat.

The next day, the forum opened with a keynote address by German State Secretary Wolf–Ruthart Born, who spoke about the close relationship between Japan and Germany and their shared global responsibility as advanced, developed nations. During the forum's sessions, shared domestic challenges for both countries were discussed in depth, including shifting political climates, as well as continuing economic hurdles such as the large national debts faced by both countries. Additionally, there was a session devoted to examining each country's response to the rapid growth of China as a major player on the international stage.

The sessions concluded with an in-depth discussion about the importance of fostering and developing the next generation of leaders in both countries who will be equipped to address the increasingly complex international challenges of the future.


Thursday, November 11

Reception by the Governing Mayor Klaus WOWEREIT on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the JDZB and the meeting of the Japanese-German Forum

Dinner hosted by State Secretary Dr. Wolf-Ruthart BORN, Foreign Office

Friday, November 12

Keynote Speech by State Secretary Dr. Wolf-Ruthart BORN: Germany and Japan—Partners with Shared Values in Global Responsibility

Session I: Political Situation and Challenges for Domestic Governance in Germany and Japan


• Noriyuki WAKISAKA, Editorial Writer, Asahi Shimbun

• Eckart von KLAEDEN, MdB, Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor

Session II: Balancing Economic Growth and National Debt


• Hideto KAKINOKI, Editor in Chief, The Nikkei Weekly

• Ralph BRÜGELMANN, Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Köln

Saturday, November 13

Session III: Responding to a Rising China


• Hitoshi TANAKA, Senior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange; Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

• Martin BRUDERMUELLER, Member of the Board, BASF SE

Session IV: Educating Future Leaders


• Taizo YAKUSHIJI, Research Counsellor, Institute for International Policy Studies (IIPS)

• Frank MASTIAUX, CEO, E.ON Climate and Renewables