Japanese-German Forum

23rd Meeting

November 5–6, 2014

The 23rd Japanese-German Forum brought together more than three dozen business leaders, policy experts, and politicians, including State Minister Minoru Kiuchi; former Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba; Volker Kauder, the parliamentary chairman of the Christian Democratic Union; and Rainer Bruderle, the former Federal Minister for Economics and Technology. In their Berlin meeting, they discussed the current domestic trends in Germany and Japan; the two countries' respective responses to recent security challenges, such as Ukraine and the Islamic State; and the ways in which they can effectively work together to achieve shared objectives, such as addressing the challenges of human resource shortages and immigration.

The program began with a reception on the evening of November 4, hosted by Germany's Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The second day featured a full day of discussions, including a separate meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Discussions concluded on November 6, following which a joint statement was drafted for submission to the Japanese prime minister and the chancellor of Germany that documents common challenges facing both countries and outlines recommendations for German-Japanese cooperative action.

The Forum, which began in 1993, is organized by JCIE on the Japan side, while the Japanese-German Center Berlin acts as the German secretariat.


Wednesday, November 5

Session I: Political, Economic, and Energy Trends in Germany and Japan


Session II: The Roles of Germany and Japan in a Changing Global Security Environment (Russia, Ukraine, China)


Thursday, November 6

Session III: German and Japanese Responses to Demographic Change: Labor Shortages and Immigration Policy