Japanese-German Forum

25th Meeting

October 19–20, 2016

On October 18–20, more than 40 Japanese and German politicians, policy experts, business leaders, and journalists gathered in Berlin to discuss key issues facing Japan, Germany, and their bilateral relationship. After kicking off with a reception hosted by the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt), the participants reviewed the economic and political developments of the past year, the impact of Germany's refugee policy, the global trend toward populism and anti-globalism, the direction and impact of the US presidential election, the recent developments in East Asia, and more. The participants also paid a courtesy call on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

While the discussions were off the record, a joint statement will be submitted to Prime Minister Abe and Chancellor Merkel that documents the common challenges highlighted during the discussions and outlines recommendations for German-Japanese cooperative action. JCIE serves as the Japanese secretariat for the program, while the Japanese-German Center Berlin acts as the German secretariat.


Tuesday, October 18

Session I: Domestic Challenges and Political Response


Session II: Global Security and the Refugee Crisis


Wednesday, October 19

Session III: Emerging Digital Economy