Japanese-German Forum

27th Meeting

Ocotober 17–19, 2018

Japanese and German politicians, policy experts, business leaders, and journalists gathered in Berlin to discuss key issues for Japan, Germany, and their bilateral relationship. Niels Annen, Minister of State at the German Federal Foreign Office, hosted a reception to open the forum, which was followed by three days of frank discussion on the recent challenges to the rules-based international order, the need domestically for greater political innovation, and on how Japan and Germany can better collaborate when it comes to artificial intelligence. At the conclusion of the forum participants also attended a meeting with Head of the Chancellory and Federal Minister of Special Affairs Helge Braun, where they had a chance for a briefing and Q&A session on the implications for Germany and others of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, German domestic political and social challenges, and the possibility for greater Japan-German cooperation.

While discussions were off the record, a joint statement was submitted to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chancellor Angela Merkel, which can be viewed below.

Download Joint Statement

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Thursday, October 18

Session I: The Revival of Great Power Politics


Session II: The Political and Economic Climate in Japan, Germany, and Europe


Friday, October 19

Session III: Artificial Intelligence – Strengthening Competitiveness in AI Industries through Japan-German Cooperation