Japanese-German Forum

8th Meeting
February 5-7, 2000

The eight meeting of the Japanese-German Forum was held in Tokyo on February 5-7, 2000. Thirty-seven members of the Forum gathered to discuss political and economic trends within Japan and Germany; common challenges posed by demographic changes and the future of social security in the two countries; the IT revolution and its potential impact on the economy, media, research in Japan and Germany; and international issues such as the new Millennium Round of trade talks, questions related to the international monetary regime, and regional security. Prime Minister Obuchi addressed the Group at a dinner meeting. At the end of the meeting, the participants prepared a joint letter for submission to the respective heads of state.


Sunday, February 6

Session I: Part 1—Political and Economic Situation in Japan/East Asia


• Kenji KOSAKA, Member, House of Representatives

• Harumi SAKAMOTO, Executive Vice President, The Seibu Department Stores, Ltd.

Session I: Part 2—Political and Economic Situation in Germany/Europe


• Otto Graf LAMBSDORFF, Former Federal Minister of Economics)

Session II: Demographic Development and the Future of Social Security in Germany and Japan


• Naoki TANAKA, President, The 21st Century Public Policy Institute

• Hans-Olaf HENKEL, President, The Federation of German Industries (BDI)

Session III: The IT-Revolution—Evaluation for the Economy, Media and Research in Germany and Japan


• Taizo YAKUSHIJI, Vice President for Academic and International Affairs, Keio University

• Ulrich CARTELLIERI, Member of the Supervisory Board Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG

Monday, February 7

Session IV: WTO-Millennium-Round/Topical Questions of the International Monetary Regime: From Bipolarity to Tripolarity


• Toru KUSUKAWA, Senior Councilor, Fuji Research Institute Corporation

• Rudiger POHL, President, Institute of Economic Research Halle

Session V: Regional Security


• Shinichi KITAOKA, Professor, University of Tokyo

• Hanns MAULL, Professor, Trier University

Session VI: The Future of German-Japanese Relations


• Hirotaro HIGUCHI, Honorary Chairman, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

• Ulrich CARTELLIERI, Member of Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG