Japanese-German Forum

9th Meeting
February 3-5, 2001

The 9th Japanese-German Forum met in Berlin on February 3-5, 2001. The Forum organized five sessions, and discussed on the following agenda from each country's point of view: the impact of changes in the international environment and the prospects of two countries; the role of Germany and Japan in enhancing regional stability; "New Economy" and the implications of this revolutionary change; The problems of the aging societies; and stronger relationship between two countries in the future. The Forum was briefed by Dr. Otto Graf Lambsdorff on Germany's negotiations to settle the claims of victims of Nazi forced labor politics during World War II.

Minister Bury, representing Chancellor Schroeder who unfortunately fell ill, conveyed his appreciation for the Forum for strengthening the bilateral relationship. After the forum, the Joint Statement will be handed to the Prime Minister of the respective countries.


Sunday, February 4

Session I: Changing Domestic and International Environments—German and Japanese Perspectives


• Otto Graf LAMBSDORFF, Former Federal Minister of Economics; Chairman, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation)

• Rainer BRUDERLE, Member of Parliament (FDP)

• Shin'ichi KITAOKA, Professor, University of Tokyo

• Naoki TANAKA, President, The 21st Century Public Policy Institute

Negotiating the Settlement of Claims Relating to Forced Labour During World War II in Germany



Session II: The Role of Germany and Japan in Dealing with Regional Instability


• Akihiko TANAKA, Professor, University of Tokyo

• Theo SOMMER, Editor-at-Large, DIE ZEIT

• Hanns MAULL, Professor of Political Science, University of Trier

Monday, February 5

Session III: New Economy: Basic Parameters, Cultural and Behavioral Aspects, Educational Policies


• Heinz RIESENHUBER, Member of Parliament (CDU); Former Federal Minister for Research and Technology

• Manfred LAHNSTEIN, Consultant, Lahnstein & Partner; Special Representative of the Board, Bertelsmann AG

• Ann-Kristin ACHLEITNER, Professor, European Business School

• Jiro SAITO, Chairman and Chief Executive, The Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange; Former Administrative Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance

Session IV: Coping with an Aging Society in Germany and Japan


• Hatsuhisa TAKASHIMA, Director, United Nations Information Center

• Lothar SPATH, Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors, JENOPTIK AG

• Hans-Olaf HENKEL, President of the Federal Association of German Industries (BDI); Member of Supervisory Board, IBM Deutschland

Closing Session: The Future of German-Japanese Relations


• Ulrich CARTELLIERI, Member of Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG

• Hirotaro HIGUCHI, Honorary Chairman, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

• Ambassador Dr. Uwe KAESTNER, German Ambassador to Japan

• Ambassador Ryohei MURATA, Former Ambassador to Germany; Special Advisor to Sanwa Bank