Innovative Disaster Responses: Model Approaches from Japan’s 3/11 Disaster


Japan Center for International Exchange
Atsuko Geiger, Kaede Kawauchi, Serina Bellamy
2015年3月、データ版のみ (PDF形式)
Combating Social Isolation and Preserving Dignity
Sankaku Planning Iwate | Mederu Car Grocery Delivery Project
Reviving the Local Economy and Community
Fuji Social Welfare Foundation, Kamaishi Platform | “Kitchen Car” Food Trucks
Bridging National Responses and Local Needs
Sanaburi Foundation | Launching a Community Foundation
Promoting Healing by Connecting People Affected by Disasters
Japan Medical Society of America, September 11th Families’ Association, et al. |
Tohoku Outreach Mission Bringing Together 9/11 and 3/11 Families
Other Model Responses to 3/11